Here is what some of our clients have to say about Richmond Wellness!

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“In the six months I worked with Aubrey, she was the perfect professional. She was always on time for our appointments, she was prompt in her responses and she insured that I turned in my paperwork. Her attention to detail and her knowledge was amazing and extremely valuable. Aubrey helped tremendously in my fitness journey, and I would highly recommend her.”

– M.W.S.




“I’m going to Peru this summer on a mission’s trip and needed to get into shape to meet the physical demands. In a very short time (2 weeks) of working under Aubrey’s guidance, I’ve already lost 11 lbs! My clothes are fitting better and I’m feeling a lot better physically. Before this I had to become committed, which for me, I had trouble doing on my own. I prayed earnestly for an “undivided heart” (Ps. 86:11b), and that’s exactly what God gave me. In my search for the “how”, Aubrey’s practice kept coming up. After I met with Aubrey the first time, I knew before I got home that this is where God was leading me. She has proven that she has the knowledge and skill to direct others on their best path for them to meet their fitness goals.”

– David M., age 55

I have trained with Aubrey. She knows her stuff, I have been working out a long time so I know when a trainer is knowledgeable and outlines a program that is personal to you. I always feel safe in that she is right there correcting form and motivating you. She has a wholistic approach which is a must for me.

– Rosie M., age 76

Richmond Wellness - Personal Trainer - Testimony - Pregnancy Workout

I have been training with Aubrey at Richmond Wellness for two years and have seen tremendous results. I initially started working with Aubrey to prepare for getting pregnant and birthing a baby. I trained through 41 weeks of pregnancy and found it to be invaluable before and through the pregnancy. Can’t recommend Richmond Wellness highly enough.

– McKenzie C., age 34


“Having Aubrey as my personal trainer since April 2014 has been one of the best decisions I’ve made for my wellness. After gaining nearly 40 lbs with my first pregnancy in 2013, I knew that I wanted the experience of my second pregnancy to be different. Aubrey provided customized workouts that met my specific needs throughout my pregnancy. She listened to my initial concerns and fitness goals and has helped me to implement small lifestyle changes that have made a difference over time. Together, since we began working out, until my 38th week of pregnancy, I am excited to share that I gained less than 12 lbs during this pregnancy. I have more muscle-tone, endurance, and awareness of my body. This greatly increased my stamina for natural childbirth.

Now that I am two weeks post-partum, I am less than my pre-pregnancy weight and feel fantastic. I highly recommend Aubrey for her professionalism, commitment to excellence and her genuine nature that truly cares for her clients. I cannot wait to begin working out with her again after my recovery!”

– Jenay, age 31

IMG_0068“I’ve lost close to 30 lbs since June. This has not been easy by a long shot! I have more to lose, a higher level of fitness to obtain, but I have enjoyed a very real and new sense of confidence at Richmond Wellness. I’ve been working out 3 times a week for an hour each session every week since I first started. Much of the physical work is demanding, but that is nothing compared to how my mindset needed to change. This is what has made Richmond Wellness such a great fit for me, because RW provides as much mental and emotional support as it does physical fitness. They are not mental counselors at RW, but they have provided clarity, peace, and stability through sound instruction and advice. I get great nutritional info and advice as well as a personalized fitness program, but the best thing about Richmond Wellness is that I know that if I stick with it, I can be guaranteed success!!”

– Marina Deoudes, age 40

“I have worked with Aubrey over the past several months. Needless to say she earned my respect from the get go as I learned to trust the process. She was able to make working out fun again, something that I had missed in a long while. When I used to work out before working with Aubrey it was work and I did not enjoy the work that I had to put into it but I began to appreciate working out as I started to see real tangible results when I began working with Aubrey. I have used other trainers for other capacities in other areas and concentrations in the past but for some reason there was something about Aubrey that I learned to trust and I feel that she has that “it” factor when it comes to excelling in this specific profession. I was very pleased to have had her as a trainer.”

– Jason Linas, age 34


Charli G Shaniqua W Lexy C IMG_20140523_203802

“I am a 57-year old woman and I had a problem with no energy and chronic fatigue, where most days I couldn’t get out of bed. After taking a blood test and finding out that I had severe iron deficiency anemia, I started on an iron supplement and some of my symptoms improved. However, I still didn’t have enough energy to function normally.

At this point, I started seeing Aubrey and she helped me realize that along with the iron, I needed to increase my activity level to get to, what is for me, a normal strength level. She told me that my muscles had atrophied during the years I had been so inactive.

So, gradually, I began to gain energy and a more positive outlook on life and in starting to achieve other goals I had in my life but never felt they were possible to achieve.

Thanks, Aubrey!”

– Ruth, age 57


Jason C IMG_20140424_125741 IMG_20140516_082507000 IMG_20150107_125405

“I have had the pleasure working with Aubrey, she has been my personal trainer for a little over three months. I am writing this letter of recommendation because I’m blown away with the amount of knowledge Aubrey has given me. She has exceeded all my expectations as a personal trainer. I must admit I was a little hesitant, but I now have a different outlook on the gym and most of all on life. There are a couple of things that she has done for me that not only changed my life, but the people around me as well. She created and personalized an exercise program that fitted my needs. She had taught me new and exciting ways to work out specific muscles in the correct form. If that was not enough she has kept our workout sessions fun, motivating, and uplifting. Aubrey has inspired me to run my first 10k this year and I cannot wait to cross the finish line!

I’ve accomplish so much working with Aubrey and I’m far from finished. I highly recommend her to all of my friends who are looking for a new healthy life style.

Thanks Aubrey I look forward to continue working with in future. You’ve been a blessing!”

– Manuel Redoble, age 27

“I am a fifty-five year old male that has been athletic and health conscious most my life. I have been a member of a health club most my adult life. I have been a member of my current gym for five plus years. I have always considered myself athletic and in pretty good shape with decent eating habits.

Approximately a month ago I sat down with Aubrey Eicher and did a thorough assessment of my body, eating habits, and workout routine.

After the assessment she asked me to set a goal I would like achieve at this point in my life. I came to the conclusion I would like to lose 10-15 pounds along with toning up my body mass by the end of May, when my pool opens.

I started training with Aubrey once a week for 30 minute sessions. In the first month Aubrey has taught me many new exercises using different machines and equipment that have started better toning and mobilizing my body. She has also given me numerous nutritional tips and information that have improved my eating habits.

In just a little over a month I have lost seven pounds and have noticeable tone in my body core and other areas.
Aubrey regularly sends me inspirational e-mails which include mind, body, and spiritual materials that have helped me stay on track of my goal.

I sincerely believe that Aubrey is genuinely concerned about my well being and reaching my goals and full potential.
Success starts with a decision!

I would recommend Aubrey to anyone who is cares to better their health (physically and mentally).”

– Mike Haudricourt, age 55

“Aubrey has been my personal trainer for four months.  She has helped me to reach some of my fitness goals, including the 10K.  She has given me the confidence that I need while exercising at the gym, and has kept me motivated, which I have not been able to do on my own. She is very encouraging to me, and supportive for the accomplishments that I have succeeded.  I believe that I would not be where I am at today while exercising, without her help and motivation.”

– Monica Cane, age 38