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Pre- and Post-Workout Fuel

With all of the information available to us out there, have you ever gotten confused on if you should eat before your workout, or after your workout, or both? And, if so, then what?
Here’s a great article I found through breakingmuscle.com. It helps to clear the fuzz and clarify what to eat, when, and why.

What could you do differently to get better results?

I’m a HUGE fan of tweaking and playing with the variables in our lives – and our minds – in order to get the results we really want out of life.
Have you considered this?
How could we settle or complacency in any area of our lives if we realize that anything and everything is possible and within our very own reaches?
I mean, if something isn’t “working” – and “working” being defined as, resulting in what we want in our lives – why would we stay attached to the things that are not giving us the results we are really wanting?
The process of change starts when our desire for better outweighs our desire to stay the same. Sometimes fear and other factors can cause us to desire stay the same.
But at some point, there is a point when we get to, “I am FED UP with getting less than what I want,” and then we do something about it.
Maybe we have to make drastic changes. Maybe we need to make a few minor adjustments. Either way, change has to take place.
What in your life, your health, your fitness, your wellness, do you need to tweak to improve your satisfaction and benefit from it? What can you do TODAY to set in motion a chain of events that will put you in the place (or really close to it, at least) a year from now?
Remember, change takes time and patience. But it all starts with the mental shift!


Tips for Dining Out!

Ever go out to a restaurant and wonder what it is that could be the healthiest thing on the menu? Don’t want to feel limited to just salads all the time? How healthy are the salads, anyways?
The American Heart Association has published a series of resources for tips on dining out. Check them out here!

New season: Bust out of the Mundane!!

The other day, I shared a Facebook post about the newness of Spring and the motivation it brings. I wanted to share it with you, in case we are not connected on social media! 🙂
[Bust out of the mundane]
It’s a brand new season!
☀️Spring is a time ..
to shake off – the old and unuseful
to put on – the new and refreshing
to clean – our closets and our minds
to enjoy – the world at large and within us
to move – because hibernation is over
to get outside – because it’s beautiful and rejuvenative
to make decisions – because if not now, then when?
to be inspired – because everything is new!
🌸What in your life needs life? What is blooming, crying out for you to nurture it? How can you mix up the mundane and breathe fresh air into your day today?

PS: If we are not connected via social media, please reach out to me! I’d love to stay more connected!

Have an AMAZING week!

Video: Conditioning, and How to Change It!

In case you missed my Facebook live session last night. I talked on conditioning, and specifically, 3 points in reference to it:
  1. Takes time and effort to start –> flywheel principle or “snowball”
  2. Nothing is wrong with you.
  3. Energy comes from movement, the great paradox.
Hope to see you next time 😉

How to Find Local Restaurants with Healthy Meal Options

Did you know there was a resource for finding local restaurants with healthy meal options? Check it out here!

It will be great to see even more restaurants filter into this list! It’s also a great resource when traveling.

Movement is Powerful!

I shared a post on social media the other day that I thought to share with you here. I hope your dayImage is going wonderfully!
“Movement is powerful.
Movement can fuel all of your life. I don’t care what t is – walking, dancing, yoga, lifting, swinging heavy stuff around .. we always feel better when we do it.
It raises our frequency.
We were not meant to be sedentary, stationary creatures.
Movement can clear your mind, alter your mood, discipline your focus, and all-around make your life better.
How can you move today?
Can I help you break inertia to get moving, either for the first time, or again? I’m currently looking for a few new clients to work with that are ready to make a change.
I’m offering a handful of free transformation sessions to find the right ones to work with. To apply, go here: http://bit.ly/2enh3ZW.
There’s no time like right now.
Do it for you!”

Why Train your Core?

Many people want to know where I start with clients. My answer: the basics. And, the essential. With the basics and essential, we start with core training. In fact, I recommend core training almost daily. We use our core (which includes both the abdominals and the lower back muscles) for EVERY functional movement (and lack thereof; think: sitting in a desk chair or on the couch relaxing). Therefore, it is most vital! We start with the core and then work our way out progressing from there.

A strong and efficient core is necessary for maintaining proper muscle balance throughout the entire human movement system (kinetic chain).

The core is where the body’s center of gravity (COG) is located and where all movement originates.

The core is also critical to posture alignment.

A weak core is a fundamental problem inherent to inefficient movement that may lead to predictable patterns of injury.

A weak core can also cause: poor posture, lower back pain, and difficulty of functional movements, such as getting out of bed in the morning.

The objective of core training is to uniformly strengthen the deep and superficial muscles that stabilize, align, and move the trunk of the body, especially the abdominals and muscles of the back.

Here are two simple core-strengthening moves you can do right now. Hold each one for 2-3 seconds and release, performing 10-12 repetitions before resting:
  • Drawing-in maneuver: a maneuver used to recruit the local core stabilizers by drawing the navel in toward the spine.
  • Bracing: occurs when you have contracted both the abdominal, lower back, and buttock muscles at the same time.
Go ahead and try these right now! With a daily regimen, you can be well on your way to a stronger core and a stronger body in (almost) no time.

Formula for Success

Attitude + action = results


Have you seen this before? All success starts first in the mind, or, going even deeper, in our spirit. We must first have to believe that it is possible. Seeing is not believing, per se, it is believing that is seeing. Both are true.


Consider when you were once getting a new car. When you were searching or maybe already in the buying process, you probably started to see that car everywhere, right? Weren’t those cars there all along? Yes – they were. But now, you’re noticing them because you’re focusing on them.


This principle is the same with anything we wish to create in our lives.


If you want to accomplish anything, allow yourself to daydream about it! Experience it as much as you can with as many senses as you can. Believe that it is not only possible, but that it is possible FOR YOU!


When we focus on what we want with the right can-do attitude, this is where rubber meets road and we automatically, without even tangibly thinking about it again, we will begin to see the opportunities around us and take the actions we need to take to get there.


The mind is like a camera – what we focus on is what we get.


What do you want to accomplish? With your health, wellness, and life? What steps can you take towards it today, right now?


Nutrition on the Go

It can be difficult to change to healthier eating habits when living a busy, hectic life. Rutgers published a study targeting this topic specifically.

Check out this article from naturallysavvy.com for 13 Healthy Eating Tips for a Busy Lifestyle! See what you could incorporate into your life this week 🙂