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Tips for Dining Out!

Ever go out to a restaurant and wonder what it is that could be the healthiest thing on the menu? Don’t want to feel limited to just salads all the time? How healthy are the salads, anyways?
The American Heart Association has published a series of resources for tips on dining out. Check them out here!

Why seek advice?

We all have a number of areas we would consider ourselves to be competent and/or an expert in, right? Maybe it’s our job, maybe it’s how we run our lives or take care of our family. We could tell all the ins and outs of how to navigate what to do.

When it comes to adding new areas of expertise, like our own health, for example, it’s wise to seek out someone who has credentials and experience to help us make it happen. With all the information out there, it’s easy to get lost and spend a whole lot of time figuring it out. Is there an easier way?


When I wanted to learn more about how to run my own business more effectively, I sought out a business coach in my industry. I wish I’d done it sooner! I spent a lot of time and energy figuring out things that didn’t work so well for me.

I recommend the same for you! Instead of taking the time and energy to figure out trial and error, hire a coach!

In my line of work, I do define a health coach quite differently than I would define a personal trainer. Health coaches are more encompassing, take all of life into consideration, and work with the unique life variables you have to get you to where you want to go with your health.

Do you have a health concern you want to take care of, like lowering your blood pressure? Do you want to have more energy for all the things you need and want to do in your day? Do you want to be more confident and comfortable in your skin?

Click here to apply for a free 15-minute coaching call with me. Let’s explore if I can help get you there!


Great snack solutions for on the go

Life gets busy, this we know! How can we choose healthy, energy sustaining foods while on the go in our busy lives?

Check out some ideas here! Great article by Greatist.

For more resources like this, be sure to check out the Richmond Wellness website and blog at richmond-wellness.com! And, share the healthiness with a friend! 🙂

Your grocery game plan

One of the biggest hurdles I’ve encountered with clients switching to healthier eating habits (less fast-food, less processed foods, more natural foods and cooking) is the dreaded grocery store…
What to buy? How to go about it?
Choosemyplate.gov has a lot of great resources, one of which being their “Create a Grocery Game Plan.” Check it out here. It goes through planning your weekly meals, breaking down a grocery list, and saving money at the grocery store.
Check out the Richmond Wellness website and blog at richmond-wellness.com for more tips, info and resources like this!
Have a healthy day!

Food budgeting – how far does your dollar really go?

One of the biggest complaints that I hear in terms of an individual switching to healthier food options is that “it’s too expensive.”
I understand the need to be resourceful and have our dollars go as far as they can for us – we work hard for them!
But, this complaint is also one of the biggest misconceptions. I did some research and found this series of publications from the USDA on the cost of groceries for different peoples. Check it out here. The spending amounts start at “thrifty” and go up to “liberal.”
Making a budget is essential for keeping an eye on how much you spend on groceries. Using an online tool such as Mint can help tremendously to show you where all our money goes each month. I encourage you to check it out.
And, if this has been a struggle point for you, I encourage you to be open to the idea that eating healthfully could not only be within your budget, but done well, could actually save you money, too.
Is this helpful to you? Share it if you would! 🙂
Check out more on the Richmond Wellness website and blog at richmond-wellness.com for more information on topics like this!

Understanding Portion Sizes

One of the arguably most detrimental conflicts in our society today is the ever-increasing portion size of meals.
How much is too much? How much is too little? How much is enough?
As always, if this is helpful to you, share with a friend! 🙂

It’s a Lifestyle, not a Diet!

One of the things I’ve been teaching for years is true, sustainable and enjoyable lifestyle transformation – not simple weight loss.
Most of us cringe when we think about weight loss, mainly because with it comes thoughts of food restriction and exercise we don’t enjoy, we just do.
This can be effective, for a period of time. But in my experience both personally and with clients, it does not last. Sure, it seems we can make ourselves do almost anything for a short period of time – but what happens when we get tired of restricting ourselves and doing what we aren’t enjoying?
Enter the yo-yo. Lose 10 pounds, gain 10. Lose 10, gain 15. It feels terrible, I know.
This is why I deem it so necessary to explore and find things that my clients enjoy – maybe it’s dancing, yoga, bicycling, hiking, walking, preparing them for a vacation that they want to be fitter for .. and more.
It is possible to adopt a healthy lifestyle that works for you – both exercise-wise and nutritionally!
If you’d like to explore if I can help you to do so, click here to apply for a free 15-minute coaching call. Let’s have a conversation!
And if you’re noticing you’re not enjoying what you’re doing, change something!

The Basics of Macronutrients

When I start to work with clients with their nutrition habits, one of the first things we cover is macronutrients: what are they, and how much do we need of each of them?
Enjoy! And hey, if these tips are helpful to you, let us know, and share them with a friend! 🙂

Coal, or Diamonds?

I was doing some contemplating this morning and thought to share with you. My mom is in the hospital, in critical care, on life support. My sleep has been violently interrupted: my mind seeks to find meanings, plans of action, and connections through my entire life. As I work to focus and cling to the hope that she will pull through, I step back for a moment and find myself realizing the enormous amount of pressure this situation has placed upon me.

As I was unpacking and organizing some old things in my new abode, I came across a quote I had posted in front of me during the season I was pushing to start Richmond Wellness and grow myself personally: “Effort not to acquire, but to become.”

When the pressure is on, what is inside of you and I is what will come forth and shine. Both coal and diamonds are formed under immense pressure and have basic chemical similarities – but their crystal structures come forth differently.

The internal work we do to define and condition how we respond to the pressures around us will determine .. coal, or diamond?

Which would you prefer?

We get to choose.
You get to choose.

Sure, both coal and diamonds have purposes, and that is good. Consider the differences. The main one sticking out to me is that yes, coal provides heat, but it burns up. Gone. Done. Diamonds are strong, they can cut through things, they last .. a lot longer than coal does 😉

I’ve always tried to look at each challenge in life as just that – a challenge, not a problem, not a “situation,” but a challenge, and one in which I seek what I could learn and glean from it as a level of competency for handling the challenge grows within me that I can then use to help others going through a similar one. I’m finding a greater level of compassion for all those around me than I ever have, and I know I’ve got messages I have to share.

What about you?

If I can assist you in any way, reply to me with any questions you have, I will be more than happy to answer them and help you along your way!

Peace and blessings to you,

Aubrey Eicher
owner/personal trainer, Richmond Wellness

Travel Snacks

If you’re on the road for a holiday or vacation coming up, or just are on the go and traveling a lot in general (I’m always on the go), here’s a great little idea for you (and your kids!) For snacking while on the road:


Isn’t it a pretty little setup? This was just some leftover vegetables I had in my fridge. I am a very resourceful in general and don’t like to have waste, and in line with that, I was headed out of town and did not want my lovely fresh veggies to spoil! So, on the right, we’ve got fresh celery (benefits of celery) and broccoli (benefits of broccoli), and on the left, sweet peppers – orange and red (benefits of bell peppers), with 2-3 servings of Roasted Garlic (benefits of garlic) Hummus (I had Sabre brand, but there are others that are great, also).

The peppers are especially kid-friendly because of their bright colorfulness and sweet taste. Makes for an enjoyable experience for both kids and adults alike!

1 cup celery = 16 calories, low GI
1 cup broccoli = 55 calories, very low GI
1 cup bell peppers = 29 calories, very low GI
2 tbsp hummus = 70 calories, low GI

Ready to make a change? Want to explore what fitness and wellness really mean to you, and what we can do to get you there? Go to richmond-wellness.com and apply for a free transformation session today!

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