Lisa Hazelgrove, Lisa Healthy

I am a Holistic Educator providing valuable systems using innovative energy technologies, nutritional, sleep, and emotional solutions thus creating an authentic action plan that is enhancing people’s lives. I love teaching the community on how to create a wellness environment to help the body heal. I offer one-on-one consulting sessions, workshops, classes as well as speaking engagements. In 2008 I began teaching as a Wellness Instructor at the University of Richmond. I’m a corporate trainer with Balancing Life’s Issues. I am the founder of HEAL (Holistic Educators Affecting Lives.)

This is my 15th year in the Wellness Industry. I am trained in Jet Kinesiology (muscle testing) and utilize this modality along with Emotion Code technique to help us achieve homeostasis with our nutritional, sleep and emotional energy. My focus is on empowering others to take control of their wellness environment so we can love beyond our fears thus walk in balance and harmony.

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Lisa Hazelgrove
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